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The investment element explained…

PG Mutual, as the name suggests is a Mutual Society formed back in 1928. Whilst we are a fully regulated by the FCA & PRA we are also different from most other insurers in that we are “not for profit”.

PG Mutual does not have external shareholders but is run for its members (policyholders), and each year our members receive a share of our profit. (See Key Features for more information)

The profit we return to our members is held in each individual’s “Capital Account” and builds every year in a similar manner to an investment.

PLUS each year we apply an interest element to our member’s capital accounts which helps their investment grow even faster.

PLUS each member receives their share whether they have claimed on their income protection policy or not.

Take a look below at how much PG Mutual members have benefited over the last three full accounting years of membership:

PG Mutual members profit share 2015 - 2017
Average interest rate applied to members balances 3%
Average dividend per share £2.66
Total annual bonuses to members £4,418,837
Total amount paid to departing members £2,385,981

Figures taken from fully audited accounts 2015, 2016 & 2017.

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February 2016