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Our History….

PG Mutual was first established in 1928, known back then as Pharmaceutical and General Provident Society Limited. The society was created by pharmacists for pharmacists. Each member of the Society added money into what was essentially a “pot”, so that if any member were to fall ill or have an accident they would have money to support themselves and their families – this was the only means of support back then given that the inception of the welfare state had not been introduced.

From then on the society grew over the years, with more and more pharmacists putting their trust into Pharmaceutical and General Provident Society by putting a financial safety net in place should the worst happen. The name is a recognised and trusted organisation within the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2012 a new chief executive was appointed and a rebrand was carried out, Pharmaceutical and General Provident Society limited were now trading as PG Mutual. At this point in time, it was obvious that the help offered by the government was not designed to protect you for the long-term and was no longer an amount that could cover the everyday living essentials of today. PG Mutual began working with other professional bodies, offering cover to health and veterinary professionals.

In 2014 we wanted to offer our cover to all professional people given the importance of having a financial safety net in place so we opened our doors to all professionals.

Today we are delighted to be able to offer our plan to anyone that needs it!