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Annual Charity Awards 2021

We have recently launched the PG Mutual Annual Charity Awards, where we would like our members and the general public to vote on the charities we wish to support. The four preferred charities chosen will each receive a £1000 donation from us in 2021.

With the help of our staff, we have chosen charities that we feel reflect PG Mutual’s commitment to supporting mental health, dementia, young people with learning difficulties, and helping to fight hunger and food waste in the community.

Please select your chosen charity and click submit at the bottom of this page.

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Mind for better mental health

We provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem.
We campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding.

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    Every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. But hundreds of thousands of people are still struggling.

    We believe no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. We'll listen, give you support and advice, and fight your corner.

    Local Minds support people in communities across England and Wales. Their range of services include supported housing, crisis helplines, drop-in centres, employment and training schemes, counselling and befriending.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 219830

Mind - for better mental health

Alzheimer’s Society

Alzheimer’s Society is the UK’s leading dementia charity. We campaign for change, fund research to find a cure and support people living with dementia today.

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    Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer. Someone develops it every three minutes and there’s currently no cure.

    We know it is scary facing up to it, but we must confront the biggest health and social care challenge of our time.

    Thanks to your support, Alzheimer’s Society is facing dementia head on. Whether you’re a fundraiser, donor, partner, or affected by dementia in any way, we’re working with you to build a movement. Inspired by your voices, we’re leading the way in support, society and research.

    We are calling on everyone to unite. Working together we know we will achieve our vision - a world without dementia.

    The Alzheimer’s Society also supports the Dementia Friends programme.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 296645

Alzheimer’s Society

FareShare fighting hunger, tackling food waste

We believe that no good food should go to waste. We redistribute surplus food to charities that turn it into meals. We are doers. We are a community. We change lives.

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    FareShare has 25 years’ experience working with the food industry to get good quality surplus onto the plates of vulnerable people.

    2019 marks FareShare’s 25-year anniversary of fighting hunger and food waste. The biggest charitable operation of its kind in the UK, in the 25 years since launching FareShare has provided food equivalent to 236.8 million meals – all provided to people in need via our network of frontline charities, and worth £179.9 million in costs avoided by the voluntary sector if they bought the same food and drink.

    We work with more than 500 companies across the supply chain – from farmers to hauliers, hospitality chains to supermarkets, and big brands to small, independent producers e.g. ASDA, Coop, Sainsbury’s, Tesco etc.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 1100051



Mencap is the leading voice of learning disability. Everything we do is about valuing and supporting people with a learning disability, and their families and carers.

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    Our vision is a world where people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to and included. Everything we do is about making this world a reality.

    We’re here to improve the lives of people with a learning disability and their families now and fight alongside them for a better future. We team up with our network of over 300 local groups to reach people across England, Northern Ireland and Wales.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 222377 (England and Wales); SC041079 (Scotland)



We’re leading the fight for a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. We’re here to make sure they get the best possible mental health support and have the resilience to overcome life’s difficulties.

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    The crisis in children and young people’s mental health is real and it is urgent. More children and young people than ever before are reaching out for help with their mental health. But for those who take that brave step, help is much too hard to find.

    Together, we are changing this. We’re fighting for young people’s mental health. Join our fight.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 1016968 & SC039700



Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support and legal services. And we campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to us for help.

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    A home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right, as vital as education or healthcare.

    But in Britain today, that right is being denied to millions of people whose lives are blighted by homelessness, bad conditions, soaring rents, discrimination and the threat of eviction.

    Our strategy sets out to be a turning point, an ambitious and fearless response to what has become a national emergency. Everything we do from now on will be to defend the right to a safe home.

    (Visit website) Registered Charity No. 263710 (England and Wales), SC002327 (Scotland)


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