***Exclusive member benefits launched, visit your member area for more details***      “The problem with an accident is that it’s unexpected – which is why having cover is so important. I never imagined I would have to take 18 months off due to ill health – and without the income I received from my PG Mutual plan, my business would have closed down. PG Mutual made everything easy, dealing with my claim quickly and with minimal paperwork. I can’t speak highly enough of the service I received.” - Mr Morrison, PG Mutual Member since 1993

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Specialist Income Protection for Professional People

PG Mutual offers an Income Protection Plan which will pay you a regular income if you can’t work due to illness or injury, and builds up an investment element for your future. Day 1 cover available.

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PG Mutual has been a lifesaver - the staff are the most caring set of people i've come across and have always been there when I needed them.

Phillip Fenton
PG Mutual Member for 15 years, now retired

The one protection policy every working adult in the UK does need is the very one most of us don’t have – income protection.

Which? consumer website
January 2014